Hyderabad techie sells vegetables after losing her job, Sonu Sood comes to her rescue.

Unadadi Sharda from Hyderabad was employed at an MNC. Due to the spread of novel Coronavirus, all the companies across the globe are having a hard time with the economics of their company budgeting. Layoffs, pay cuts and Leave without payment are few of the options which these companies are resorting to in order to deal with the pandemic.

Unfortunately, Sharda was one of the millions who have been bearing these consequences. Her company could no longer pay her either could they find her a project to work on, leading to which she had to quit. Sharda was left all broke in this hard time. In order to meet ends for her family, she decided to take up the job of selling vegetables in the local market. For this job, she would wake up at 4 in the morning, purchase vegetables from the wholesale market and then sell it in the local market. As per Sharda despite working in an MNC before, she does not feel there is any shame in selling vegetables. Sharda somehow figured out a way for herself so that her family would not have to starve. This brave step of her’s has been an inspiration for many. Her story has been doing rounds on the internet, winning the hearts. This inspirational story of Sharda caught Sonu Sood’s attention as well. Sonu Sood had made a tweet which said that:
” My Official met her.
The interview is done.
Job letter already sent.
Jai Hind.”

Sharda is not the first case upon whom Sonu has showered his act of kindness. Sonu has been like a ray of hope for thousands of migrants who were stranded across various parts of India to reach back their home. He has been doing a lot of kind deeds and helping every person out there.

Meanwhile, Sharda sets an example of that ‘no work is small’ if one is dedicated and honest enough. Although, she is not the only one who had to resort to selling vegetables.
Two more such cases have been in the limelight lately, one is of a Bollywood actor, Kartika Sahoo, from Odisha and the other is Mohun Bagan Academy Footballer, Deep Bag. Both of them have taken up the tasks of selling vegetables to make the ends meet for their family.
Deep said that he had to leave his house and sell vegetables when his father had fallen ill, so he could be able to learn livelihood.

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