Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister reveals why the family didn’t ask for CBI enquiry.

Shweta Singh is Sushant Singh Rajput’s elder sister. Recently on a social media platform, one of Sushant’s fan nudged Shweta that why didn’t their family opted to ask for Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) to look into the suspicious suicide of his late brother. To which Shweta replied as ” We were waiting for the Mumbai police to finish the investigation and come up with their reports“.

His sister has been quite active on social media lately, a few days back only she had shared a screenshot of her chat with Sushant from 10th of June from her official social media account, with the caption as ” I am experiencing bouts of pain. Right when I think I am coping with it better, some of the other incidents rushes back into my memory and breaks me apart.
Not only one single fan but millions of fans all across the nation have been flooding the social media account of the late actor’s family members to ‘fight for truth’ and ‘to seek justice”.
Apart from India, abroad as well, few countries witnessed NRI’s protesting against alleged suicide of Sushant, seeking for CBI probe into the matter.

A few days back only, Rhea Chakrabarty, Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ had posted on her official Instagram account an old picture with Sushant and a caption beneath it, asking Home Minister, Amit Shah to have CBI enquiry in this matter.

Since the time Sushant has left all of us, the entire social media is in full rage, many varied topics and theories regarding his death have been raised.
Nepotism has been quite a hot topic since this unfortunate incident took place. Many actors and singers like Kangana Ranaut and AR Rahman have come forward and raised their voice against nepotism.
Kangana Ranaut can be seen as one of the Bollywood celebrities on the front foot, who are most eager to let the mystery behind Sushant’s death to unfold.

With this several accusations have been made on Mahesh Bhatt and Karan Johar as the duo is being linked to the late actor’s death. Recently, Mahesh Bhatt was called by the Mumbai police for a two-hour enquiry. Reports suggest that Karan Johar may be the next to be called up for enquiry into this matter.
From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, all social media platforms are poured up with posts, tags, tweets and comments in support of Sushant and asking for justice.
Recently, a 4 member police team from Bihar has been transferred to Mumbai to dig further into the investigation.
Sushant was a native of Bihar and his father lives there only. Now the case of his mysterious death has been handed over to CBI.

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