Unlock 3.0: Gyms and Yoga Institutes allowed to re-open.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced Unlock 3.0, with a new set of guidelines of what’s allowed or what’s not.
With this new unlock, a few more things have been easied down by the government like approval on re-opening of Gyms and Yoga Institutes.
Though, Containment Area will be under strict lockdown till 31st of August, to curb the spread of novel Coronavirus.

What’s allowed:
1. Movement of individuals during night time.
2. Gymnasiums and Yoga Institutes allowed to re-open from 5th of August onwards.
3. A standard operating procedure will be issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) for the Gymnasiums and Yoga Institutes to operate.
4. Independence Day Functions allowed to take place but with social distancing norms in practice.
5. International air travel of limited passengers allowed under the Vande Bharat Mission launched by the government.
What’s not allowed:
1. Metro Rail services not to resume any soon.
2. Cinema halls, Swimmings Pools, Entertainment Parks, Bars, Auditoriums and activities which fall in the same range of category are still prohibited.
3. All kinds of large gatherings for the purpose of social/ political/cultural/ sports/entertainment are still banned.
4. Individuals who are a part of the vulnerable category are advised not to step outside, these people are :
• Children below the age of 10.
• Senior Citizens above the age of 65.
• Pregnant Women.
• Individual with Co-morbidities.
Special guidelines for Containment Zones:
1. Lockdown to stay till 31st of August.
2. Social distancing to be strictly followed and only essential services to be allowed.
3. All containment zones will be notified on the website of their respective District Collectors of the State/UTs and all activities are to be strictly monitored by higher authorities only. States and UTs are allowed to impose their own guidelines outside the containment zone.

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