How GTA Online is different with GTA 5? Tips to play GTA online

Grand Theft Auto (GTA5) is one of the most popular games ever played in the world. It has gained huge popularity recently because of the enormous giveaway by Epic Games. The giveaway played a major role for the surge in the number of GTA 5 players GTA Online players which is interlinked together.

GTA Online is said to be more interesting, with more businesses, activities, heists and is well-functioned than GTA5. Here are some tips and tricks for the new GTA Online users:

• When playing your first session and you don’t want to be disturbed by other players or robbed by them, switch to passive mode. One will learn new thing as how the game works and when you’ll turn on passive mode, you won’t be disturbed by other players and will have a wonderful experience.

• When you are roaming around the streets, it’s always possible that other players will rob you. So, put your money in your bank account. When you are killed by the other player, you will lose certain amount of money, so it’s best to keep your money in the bank and you can always access it through your virtual mobile phone.

• Always lookout for promotional money. There are time and when certain companies hold out promotional events to provide some codes or money that is useful for the player.

• Perform heists. It’s necessary to have four people to conduct a heist but it requires an investment in the first stage which is similar to GTA 5’s main storyline. Same as that, heists are performed in stages and there’s a grand final heist in the end. The heists can provide one with a lot of money to setup their GTA business and boost one’s GTA career.

• While one’s playing the games, it’s sure that one will have to change his or her vehicles frequently because the vehicles can be stolen or crashed. The players would not want to stole cars or walk so offer, so, they can bring their vehicles to their location by calling up the Mechanic from the virtual mobile phone.

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