Tensions between India and China is on the rise once again at the LAC

According to the media reports, India has increased aerial activity at the LAC near the Pangong lake and other areas of Ladakh. After the recent confrontation with the Chinese soldiers near the Pangong lake, the Indian Army is on high alert for anything out of order.

The officials have spotted a Chinese construction near the Finger 3 area near the border. As the Chinese soldiers are trying to put pressure on the Line of actual control, India is showing they are prepared for anything. The Air Force activities have strengthened in the border area to back the army when needed.

The diplomatic talks are still going on between the countries but there is no positive reply from the Chinese officials but the Indian officials declared that the army is prepared for the next steps.

The Chine soldiers have made charges against the Indian Army that we tried to enter the China border from the God Pao mountains but these claims have been rejected by the Indian Army as the Ministry of Defense have released in the statement.

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