IPL 2020 tangles in controversy for its IPL anthem; rapper accused of rip-off

The IPL has not even begun yet and is under controversy already with its IPL anthem. This year, IPL is scheduled to be held at United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the 53-day tournament will be played at UAE, Dubai and Sharjah.

The IPL anthem is under scrutiny as Delhi rapper Krishna (KR$NA) has complained that the anthem is a rip-off of his earlier released song. He allegedly accused Pranav Ajay Rao Malpe of stealing his song. Reportedly, the song ‘Dekh Kaun Aaya Back’ was released by Krishna in 2017 which is now introduced as ‘Aayenge Hum Back” as IPL anthem by Ajay Rao Malpe.

The Delhi rapper said that his management and legal team is preparing to take legal action against this and he feels it’s a warning for future artists. He also said that he will stand strong under corporate pressure and won’t be backing down.

It has been revealed that rapper got to know about this as fans recognized the song and commented against it. The IPL is scheduled to start on September 19 and the whole 53-day time table has been released.

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