Shiv Sena supporters got out on bail after assaulting ex-Naval officer

On Friday, some Shiv Sena supporters assaulted an ex-Naval officer after he forwarded a meme on Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar and Congress. He got threatening calls and messages and the Sena supporters came to his house and physically assaulted him.
The ex Naval officer is Madan Sharma who lives on Kandivali, Maharashtra; some Sena goons were arrested after Mr. Madan Sharma registered an FIR against them but today they got out on bail.
Mr. Madan Sharma said WhatsApp is a means to stay connected and share information; if Shiv Sena was so offended by the meme, they should have inquired about the source of the meme and take a legal action against it but instead they physically assaulted the person who just forwarded it.
Madan Sharma’s daughter Sheela Sharma demanded Presidential rule in the State, said “Humanity is totally lost in Maharashtra”.
Actress Kangana Ranaut also tweeted on the incident, called it “Shameful!”

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