COVID-19 Update: Coronavirus cases crosses the 47.5 lakh tally; made a new record

The Health Ministry of India issues a ‘post COVID-19 management guideline” to help recovered patients what’s to come forward, it includes exercise suggestions like yoga and long walks and use of Chyawanprash.

The news of death dues to Coronavirus came from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh where 4 individuals died and 127 new covid cases were introduced in 24 hours.

An astonishing case came out in light from Thane, Maharashtra when a woman lodged an FIR against an hospital attendent who allegedly raped her in the quarantine centre when the lady was visiting to an 11-year old relative. The crime took place in June but the news came forward after the woman filed a complaint in early September.

Today the exams are held for NEET medial exams all across India; earlier JEE also took place in the same manner.

The total tally of cases reached new highs as it crosses 47.5 lakh with 94,371 new cases in 24 hours. The active cases as of now is 9,73,175 with 37,02,595 recovered patients and 1.65% mortality rate.

It has been observed that social and political rally’s in Tripura is the cause for this sudden surge in the Coronavirus cases in the city. After the lockdown was lifted and the rally’s began, the city’s charts are showing a sharp rise in number of cases.

The AFC Asian Champions League suffered another setback as seven new Coronavirus cases were confirmed. The competition is to be resumed on Monday with the clubs from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

France recorded 10,561 new Coronavirus cases within 24 hours timeline whereas Wuhan, China opened domestic air travel after being the epicenter of the virus and a 76-day lockdown in the city.

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