Operation Misconduct: Posters of tampering will be installed at the intersections

In Uttar Pradesh, crimes against women and girls are not being named. The crime figure is constantly increasing. In the year 2018, Uttar Pradesh accounted for 16% of the total crimes against women in India. In the midst of all this, Yogi Sarkar has come with ‘Operation the Durachari’.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed that posters will be put on the intersections of criminals who molest women, girls and girls, molest, misbehave, commit crimes. He has instructed all the superintendents of police of the state to implement it seriously. The Chief Minister has said that in case of any criminal incident with women, the concerned Beat Incharge, Outpost Incharge, Station Incharge and CO will be responsible. He said that ‘Operation Misconduct’ should be launched against the misdemeanors and criminals.

The government, which had put up posters of the accused, was also adopted against those who opposed the citizenship law. Which the High Court termed illegal, asked to stop and decided to remove all the posters. The court had clearly stated that there is no such rule which can give basis to this step of the government.

The slowing down of the legal process is also considered to be one of the main reasons for the increasing crimes against women. NCRB 2018 figures show that only 11% of the total rape cases against women across the country have been handled. Which is a very low rate. And have been convicted in just 27% of cases. These figures show how the police are not able to strongly advocate for women-centric cases in the court.

Posters will be put on the intersections

The Chief Minister said that the identity of the perpetrators of any kind of criminal incident with women and girls should be revealed to the society. Posters of such misdemeanors should be installed at every intersection. The names of the helpers of such criminals and misdemeanors should also be revealed.

Explain that after becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, Yogi Adityanath immediately formed the Anti Romeo Squad. The Anti Romeo Squad was ordered to take action against molesters who molest women and girls in schools, colleges and public places. But later this squad was engulfed in controversies as it started to start the moral policing of young couples. It was never known whether the purpose of this anti-Romeo squad could be fulfilled or not. The squad often came in the headlines when ‘Romeo’ Ko was punishing them on the spot or cocking them or shaving their heads. A Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court gave instructions to the UP Police asking the squad to follow the government guidelines.

Will BJP’s people also put up posters – Congress

Congress state president Ajay Lallu has taunted the BJP government over the matter.

He said that will the government also put up posters of BJP leaders accused of rape in the state? BJP leaders including Kuldeep Sengar, Chinmayanand have been accused of sexual harassment. Will the Yogi government also put their posters on the intersections. The state of Uttar Pradesh is at the top in women’s crime and the government is busy only in rhetoric.

The Yogi government of UP, famous for its encounters, has so far failed to protect women. According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2018 report, there were 378,277 cases of crime against women across the country. Out of which 59,445 cases, UP remained at the forefront of this list. UP was also at the top of the 2017 list of NCRB. That year 56,011 cases were registered in UP.

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