PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’: Asked to take time for stories

Addressed the nation through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program at 11 am on Sunday. This is the 69th episode of Prime Minister Modi’s monthly radio program. Earlier, PM had addressed the countrymen on 30 August through the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. In that address, PM talked about farmers and today he added more stories.

PM talked about these issues

The Prime Minister appealed to the people of the country to avoid corona infection. He spoke of taking all kinds of precautions. The Prime Minister also said that ‘no laxity should be taken till medicine comes.’

PM Modi talked about the surgical strike in Mann Ki Baat and said that ‘Army soldiers have enhanced the pride of Mother India. The only goal of our brave soldiers was to protect the pride and honor of Mother India. ‘

Recalling Mahatma Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, “Gandhiji’s views are more relevant today. October 2 is inspiring and holy day for us. ‘

PM Modi remembered Shaheed Bhagat Singh and said, “Bhagat Singh’s passion should be in our hearts. Bhagat Singh has a huge contribution in the independence of the country. I bow to martyr Veer Bhagat Singh. The English government was frightened by that 23-year-old man. ‘

The Prime Minister said, ‘A farmer brother of Haryana told me how there was a time when he had trouble selling his fruits and vegetables outside the mandi, but in 2014, the fruits and vegetables were removed from the APMC Act, its He and fellow farmers around benefited greatly. ‘

PM Modi urged people to tell a story with their family every week and ensure that every member of the family tells a story every week, whether it is of might, of the event. This will make your people’s research even better. It will give new energy. ‘

Talking about the contribution of agriculture in the Corona period, the Prime Minister said that even during the Corona crisis, the agricultural sector has shown its strength. The stronger the farmers of the country, the stronger the village, the more independent the country becomes. If the farmer is strong, India will become self-reliant. ”The PM further said that‘ it is said here, the one who is attached to the land, he remains adamant even in the biggest storms. In this difficult time of Corona, our agricultural sector, our farmer is a living example of this. Today, farmers have got the freedom to sell produce on their own. In the past, these areas have liberated themselves from many restrictions, have tried to break many myths. ‘

Referring to the stories, PM Modi said that Tamil Nadu and Kerala have a very interesting method of telling stories. It is called ‘Villu Pat’. In this, the harmony of the story and the music is very attractive. There is also a vibrant tradition of puppetry in India. These days, science and science fiction related stories and storytelling are becoming popular.

The Prime Minister said, “I lived as a family for a very long time in my life. It was my life. New villages, new people, new families every day. Storytelling, or anecdote in India, has been a rich tradition. We have a tradition of fiction here. This is the ancient method of telling religious stories.

The Prime Minister said that in every family, some elderly or older people used to narrate stories of the family and new inspiration, new energy fill the house. The stories reveal the creative and sensitive side of people, revealing them. To feel the power of the story, when a mother is telling the story to make her young child sleep or feed her.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people to follow the rules of social distancing during the Corona period. In the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, the Prime Minister said that “it is necessary to maintain a distance of two yards during the time of Corona.” The Prime Minister further said, “In this period of Corona, the whole world is going through many changes. Today, when the distance of two yards has become an indispensable necessity, this crisis period has also served to connect and bring the members of the families closer together. We must have realized that the genres that our ancestors had devised are so important even today and when they are not there, then we feel so lacking.

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